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OKYLP's Mask Policy

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Infinity Generation Generals/Oklahoma Youth Literacy Program (IGG/OKYLP) welcomes the use of face coverings that serve to prevent or lessen the spread of airborne infection. The organization follows the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control for requirements of wearing a mask for students, staff or visitors.

Our Mission
Masks in Classroom

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and many other diseases/illnesses if required, we will be implementing the following rules and regulations that we would ask that students, staff and visitors abide by the following:

• Staying 6 six feet apart from peers as best as possible.
• Bringing a personalized mask every day (please make sure your student’s mask is labeled).
• Staying home if they are ill (fever, coughing, excessive sneezing and runny nose, sore throat, ear infection, etc.).
• Not bringing in outside food or drinks unless the student has special dietary needs (this requires a doctor’s note).
• We ask that parents eliminate coming in and out of the building. A staff member will be present to greet your student at drop off and your student will be escorted out of the building at pick up.

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